Welcome To Battery Pack Rebuilders, LLC

Have you ever been in the situation where your cordless tool battery dies or will not hold a charge for more than a minute or two? Now what? You could spend a lot of money for new batteries or toss the old tool and get a new set, which is more expensive. Or, maybe your batteries that you need are not even being made any longer. We have the solution for you. We can rebuild your batteries with high quality NiCD or NiMH cells, at a fraction of the cost or purchasing Original manufacturer's batteries. All of our batteries carry a one Year Warranty

Here at BatteryPackRebuilders.com we are able to rebuild most all tool batteries, execpt Lithium-Ion. Our service is very fast. Our turn around time is 2 to 3 days from when we receive your batteries. We use USPS priority mail for our shipping the batteries back to you, in most cases in 2 to 3 days coast to coast.

We also have "Remanufactured or Refurbished" batteries that are rebuilt and can be shipped to you one day after ordering them. Our supply comes from our recycling partners so you will need to email, or call us with your brand and model number for us to check the availabilty.

Q...How is the capacity of the cells determined?

A...A little about rechargable batteries. The capacity of the cells we use are the capacity that is determined by us testing the cells using the same charge rate as most fast chargers use and is discharged using what a cordless tool would use. This gives us an accurate capacity, we we state, not what the wrapper says. Most "Private Label" cells are tested using a charge rate of 1/20 of the capacity (if the cells is 2.0 amp hour then it would be charged at 100mA for 20 hours) and discharged at a rate of 1/20 of the capacity over 20 hour. This type of testing does not reflect the capacity when used in a cordless tool. So please beware of vendors that say say they use very high capacity cells.

Q...How does this work? A...It is simple, you send your batteries to us at your expense, we rebuild them and send them back to you at our expense. You can make your payment by purchasing our service on this web site, our eBay Store, or we can send you an email/invoice when we receive your batteries. We also can take credit cards over the phone.

Q...Can you use NiMH cells to rebuild a NiCD cordless tool battery? A...It all depends if your charger is rated for NiMH batteries also. You can email us and we will see what we can do for you.

Q...I do not know if my batteries are bad or my charger, what can I do? A...We suggest that you send us both your batteries and charger and we will check them out and let you know what we find. There is no point in rebuilding batteries when your charger is bad.

Q...I need a charger, mine is dead and they do not make that model anymore, any suggestions? A...If you still have the dead charger we can use it buy taking out the insides and attaching a universal charger to the exixting case so it will work just the same way.

Q...Do you recycle the used cells? A...Yes we recycle all of our spent battery cells with RBRC.org

Q...Can I buy just the cells and I can solder them together my self? A...Yes we will sell you just the cells but we warn you that soldering directly to the cell can cause the cells to burst which is hazardous to you. We weld the cells in series which is the recommended method as welding causes much less heating of the cells.

We rebuild Black & Decker, Bosch, Craftsman, Dewalt, Delta, Fen, Harbor Freight, Hilti, Hitachi, Lincoln, Makita, Matco, Milwaukee, Panasonic, Porter Cable, Ridgid, Senco, Skil, Snap-On, Worx, and all other NiCD or NiMH cordless tool batteries.

Questions? Please contact us at (509)782-1269 (8-5 pacific time or email us at info@batterypackrebuilders.com